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Gymnastics Club


We educate, encourage, motivate & inspire

Encouraging independence through explorative play and gymnastics activity




Bouncing, spinning, rolling - your children are already natural-born gymnasts. So if you want to help them develop their physical skills, what better place to start?


Pre-school gymnastics teaches your children important skills such as balance and co-ordination. With expert supervision and a playful environment, it's a great way for them to have fun and lay the foundations of a healthy, active lifestyle.


Your budding sport stars can jump straight into the world of pre-school gymnastics.

With an adventure playground to explore and lots of exciting activities to get involved in, the sessions are always energetic and entertaining. And while they're having fun with new friends, they'll also be getting a head start in the world of physical exercise.


JUMP Gymnastics Club is extremely proud of our extensive Pre-School and Pre-Primary Programme. Gymnasts are continually challenged and informally assessed every 8-10 weeks to ensure the programme is catering for your little ones gymnastics needs - and of course they can work towards their band levels too.