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If you have a gymnast at the club and would like to speak with your childs coach regarding their progress or development..


Please contact us and we can pass a message to the coach directly -

01236 263605


Please note: many of our coaches have full time jobs outwith JUMP and only coach at JUMP one or two days a week therefore it can take upto 7 days for a response from each coach

GENERAL ENQUIRIES  -  [email protected]LIVE.CO.UK


FEE & ACCOUNT ENQUIRIES - [email protected]


CHAIRPERSON - ROBERT BONNER - [email protected]

Should you have any concerns with regards to Safeguarding Children  - Please contact our Safeguarding Officers confidentially by emailing [email protected]

If you wish to contact Scottish Gymnastics direct regarding Safeguarding - Please click this link


01236 263605

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